Certified real estate appraiser

I’m here to advise you and help you determine the optimum price.

If you are unsure about whether you want to handle the sale of your property by yourself or hire a professional, I will be pleased to advise you and help you determine the optimum price.

On request, I can also provide you with a short evaluation or a short appraisal, e.g. make a real estate evaluation for the purpose of buying or selling the property or to determine the asset value. A real estate evaluation can be provided for all real estate types such as vacant lots or residential properties.

To perform a meaningful property evaluation, it is usually necessary to inspect the property, as a detailed description of the property’s location and its condition is always required in order to determine the market value in accordance with the law. In addition, a real estate evaluation requires various pieces of official information and documents about the property, the outdoor facilities and the existing buildings. Existing rental relationships are also considered in a real estate evaluation.

Written short evaluations

In many cases, clients do not need a full expert assessment suitable for legal proceedings. In such cases, short written assessments such as a short report or a simple appraisal are sufficient for their purposes. These differ from a market value appraisal by the extent of the content, the accuracy of the calculations and the degree of legal liability.

What’s the cost of a real estate appraisal?

I would love to give you a fixed price for the cost of your real estate appraisal at this point. But, since each case differs greatly, the cost of a real estate appraisal can only be determined on a case-by-case basis. Cost depends on the type and size of the property, the complexity of the assessment, and on any additional work which may be needed, such as research (for example in public authorities, registries etc.).

If you would like a non-binding cost estimate for your property, just contact me by e-mail at

Apart from the most important number, the „bottom line“, you will always receive a comprehensive report from me, which will provide you with key information about the general status and the detailed condition of your property. You will be able to understand, at a glance, which factors determine the market value results.

I look forward to your questions!

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